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Innovation in osteoporosis diagnosis
Demetech develops, manufactures and markets systems for the diagnosis and early detection of osteoporosis. We offer the most accurate and reliable systems available, with comprehensive training, support, service and maintenance.
DXL, Dual X-ray and Laser, is the proprietary technology that gives superior reliability through unsurpassed accuracy and precision. DXL Calscan is our first instrument based on this technology.
Demetech´s ambition is to lead the technological development in osteoporosis diagnosis through constant innovation and close customer contact. Through this innovation it's now possible to diagnose and categorize patients early, which will ultimately enable prevention of osteoporosis.
Key facts
2008 Fourth generation of DXL Calscan released
2007 Demetech receives Technology Innovation Award
2005 Scanflex International AB acquires Demetech AB
2004 FDA clearance for the DXL Calscan
2002 DXL Calscan launch in Europe
2001 DXL Calscan launch in Sweden
2001 Full quality assurance system approved
2000 Key clinical study on accuracy published
1999 Third generation DXL Calscan enters clinical trials
1998 Second generation DXL Calscan enters clinical trials
1997 Core patent approval
1997 First generation DXL Calscan enters clinical trials
1996 Demetech founded