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Simplicity - we make it easy to be correct
Dual X-ray and Laser, commonly called DXL, was invented by a team of Swedish doctors, researchers and engineers. It combines a dual-wavelength X-ray source with laser definition of the measurement area. The result is that soft tissue and fatty tissue are more accurately excluded from the bone mineral density results.
The Calscan results are virtually operator-independent due to its automatic region of interest. This feature finds the correct scanning site on each patient automatically, allowing different operators to obtain the same high-quality results. In addition, Calscan uses automatic digital calibration before each patient scan, further enhancing the reproducibility and accuracy of results.
The DXL Calscan Workstation software is a very user-friendly, Windows-based program that keeps a history of all your patient scans. Graphic presentation of multiple patient scans shows BMD progress in response to therapy, supporting compliance. Scan results can even be enlarged on-screen during patient consultations.

The messy gels and operator-dependent positioning required by other devices are not necessary with Calscan. With a scanning time of less than one minute, automatic calibration and automatic acquisition of the region of interest, you can scan as many patients as you like without needing to book an extra visit.

Everyone should have the right to know their bone status with a quick and reliable scan before its too late.
Let us send you more information on how you can prevent fractures with Calscan and lets start helping your patients now!
The DXL Calscan Workstation software
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The BMD reading gives the T- and Z-score values and is shown directly
on the computer screen. It's presented both in numerical form and as an
easy-to-read graph for assessment before discussion with the patient.
How DXL Calscan works
DXL Calscan scans the patient´s heel in
less than a minute. The process is a dry
measurement, without water or gel.
A DXL Calscan measurement is painless
and comfortable for both patient
and operator.